The Bluesbirds is a Greek Blues Band founded by John Kozatsas (guitar, vocals) and John Loverdos (1951-2017 RIP) (guitar, vocals) in 2009. The two Johns (friends since 1st grade) were  members of The Bluebirds - a popular Rock band in the early 70s in Greece. Both JK & JL have been playing the blues since the late 60s and when they revived the band it was only natural to name it The Bluesbirds. The other core members of the band are Takis Liarmakopoulos (drums), Andreas Gomozias (vocals, guitar), Nikos Damoulianos (vocals, keyboards) and Pantelis Vasileiou (vocals, bass). Guest and past members and forever friends: Thodoros Tryfonas (vocals, bass), Andreas Metallidis (bass), Tasos Fotodimos (drums), Mr Stavros Daktylas (drums), Didi Panagiotou(vocals), Eva Sakellari (vocals), Kostas Gretsos (bass), Para Aliza Demosten (vocals), Yvette Jarvis (vocals), Renate Ellefsen Gjernes (vocals), Angel Aggeliki (vocals), Giorgina Karahaliou (vocals), George Ahas Lignos (keyboards), George Kozatsas (drums, vocals), Thanassis Safaris (sax), Pantelis Petrides (keyboards) and John Psomopoulos (bass).

The band covers mainly electric blues artists including BB King, Elmore James, Otis Rush, Luther Allison, Buddy Guy as well as the next generations including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, The Allman Brothers, Joe Bonamassa, Warren Haynes and many more.

Their love and devotion for the music including rock, blues and most other connected genres, lead the two Johns to create The Bluesbirds as an open platform - rather than a classical 'band' - for anybody who is interested in furthering this endeavour, especially young people who want to learn about the blues, practice with experienced musicians and proper instruments and play with The Bluesbirds in real gigs. This effort has already shown very promising results especially with young musicians.

For the older members and for most of the friends and fans, The Bluesbirds is the absolute therapy where we enjoy the music and have tons of fun! We normally play 1-2 gigs per month mainly in Athens, Greece although we do travel when we are invited.